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Lotus Filters Offers Kitchen Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Today, a growing number of restaurants, hotels, and pubs in this part of Australia appreciate goods and services offered by Lotus Filters. We carry HACCP and IKCEA certified filters for use in well-maintained kitchens. Our kitchen filters include generic in-demand metal honeycomb filters in a variety of sizes and customized dimensions.

Our services encompass both kitchen duct cleaning and skilled air conditioning system cleaning. We help keep kitchen hoods, canopies and exhaust systems in a sparkling clean, hygienic condition.

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The Vital Importance of Clean Commercial Kitchens for Melbourne Businesses

Kitchen cleaning in Melbourne matters to most people. Operating a commercial kitchen carries numerous responsibilities. One of the most potentially burdensome tasks facing any hospitality industry management team involves maintaining ducts, vents, range canopies, and kitchen exhaust systems in a clean, grease-free condition.

Most businesses lack the specialized equipment required to sanitize and disinfect these difficult-to-access locations readily. Employees usually lack training in performing range canopy cleaning in Melbourne.

Similarly, kitchen exhaust cleaning in Melbourne prove challenging for local firms without the resources to maintain full-time vent and duct cleaners on staff.

Yet kitchen cleaning in Melbourne impacts the revenues of hospitality industry firms. Dirty vents and canopies facilitate the spread of unwanted stale food odors through the food preparation area. Even worse, these sites sometimes become a focal point for the spread of food-borne pathogens through commercial kitchens.

Businesses in Melbourne obtain numerous advantages by ensuring kitchens remain in a impeccably clean condition. Lotus Filters furnishes products and services calculated to help our customers achieve this goal!


Our Commercial Services And Products

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Melbourne

Our customers depend upon us to furnish superb commercial kitchen cleaning services directed towards three specific sites:

In conjunction with the use of our outstanding lines of filters, we supply experienced cleaning services for these kitchen locations.

Since canopies, ducts, and exhaust fans typically occur in elevated and out-of-the-way locations, they pose numerous cleaning challenges for most businesses.

By their very nature, ducts extend inside walls and ceilings; they admit airborne particles, but do not allow ready access for cleaning staff using conventional cleaning tools and supplies.


Melbourne Kitchen Canopy Cleaning

Canopies located directly above ranges, frying vats, and other commercial equipment require careful attention to cleaning issues.

Frequently, splattered oils and fats will enter this location along with cooking fumes. The residues of this flammable, greasy material often coats the interior of the kitchen canopy or hood.

If a sufficient quantity of this debris covers the surface, the location becomes a potential hazard. Tragically, every year kitchen fires cost lives, injure people, and cause property damage.

Canopy cleaning in Melbourne should obtain a high priority in any commercial kitchen!


Kitchen Duct and Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Of course, kitchen duct and exhaust fan cleaning proves essential, also. Fans readily circulate stale food odors (and dust) through the immediate environment.

While they help safeguard the premises from pungent aromas when maintained in a clean condition, dirty fans may themselves become a source of unpleasant odors in commercial kitchens.

Businesses seeking to furnish pleasant surroundings place a high priority upon maintaining kitchen exhaust fans and ducts in a sparkling clean state.


Kitchen Filter Exchange and Sales

Lotus Filters carries outstanding, carefully manufactured kitchen “honeycomb” filters and “buffle” filters, as well as customized filters.

We offer both filter sales and an excellent filter exchange program. Our trained personnel will replace filters on the customer’s requested schedule.


Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning & AC Filter Sales

We also offer filters for air conditioning systems. Air conditioning cleaning in Melbourne helps maintain comfortable indoor air quality in commercial establishments.

Pubs, restaurants, and inns all benefit by installing outstanding, well-manufactured air conditioning filters.


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